Product Portfolio

We offer industrial PCs based on ARM and X86 CPUs, industrial monitors, and various SOM.
Our offer also includes customized products that can be tailor-made to fit your needs.

Product Categories

ARM Industrial PC
NXP – TI – Rockchip

We have selected the most reliable ARM CPU from NXP, TI, and Rockchip for our ARM industrial PC range, available for panel mounting or ready to be embedded in any other product. They offer multiple options for touch screens, connectivity, and industrial interfaces.

ARM Industrial PC
Raspberry Pi

The Industrial Pi line comprises industrial computers designed for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and 4. Ranging from 5.0-inch to 23.6-inch IPS displays with 5-point or 10-point capacitive touch panels, they are available in embedded, panel, and all-in-one desktop form-factors.

X86 Industrial PC
Intel, AMD

We offer a complete range of x86 industrial panel and box PCs based on Intel or AMD CPUs that support multiple Windows and Linux versions. Available in box or panel mounting format, they offer multiple options for connectivity, and industrial interfaces.

Industrial Monitors with Touch Screen

Chipsee Industrial Monitors are a solid and durable solution for all environments. They range from 10″ to 24″, include a capacitive touch screen, can be mounted on a panel or wall, thanks to the Vesa mount, and withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions.

Design and Manufacturing Services

The Industrial Computer as You Wish

We offer an easy-to-access branding and customization service even for low volume applications. We make them all, from simple branding of stock products to custom-designed ones. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

SOM – System On Module

The Chipsee System-on-Module line is available to customers who need to quickly create products based on ARM CPU from NXP, TI, and Rockchip, without the complexity of designing the CPU, FLASH and RAM parts.

Latest products released

  • PPC-J6412-236-C

    PN: PPC-J6412-236-C


  • PPC-J6412-215-C

    PN: PPC-J6412-215-C


  • PPC-J6412-190-R

    PN: PPC-J6412-190-R


  • PPC-J6412-170-R

    PN: PPC-J6412-170-R


  • PPC-J6412-150-C

    PN: PPC-J6412-150-C


Product Selection Guide

Choose the right PC for your project.

Selecting the suitable PC for your project is not always easy.

Which CPU do you need? Which OS, display, and touch panel?
The Product Selection Guide leads you through all the steps in choosing the right product.

Product Selection Guide